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Q&A: How do I make/Where can I buy a relatively cheap Kimono?

Question by Chris: How do I make/Where can I buy a relatively cheap Kimono?
I’ve got to dress up as something for this fair called “Renaissance Fair”, or something like that ~ and I was put into a Japanese culture thing.

I need to get a Kimono.
However, I have no idea how to make one, and I’m not that great at sewing lol.

Would it be better if I were to make my own? Or should I buy my own?

Also, please post any links on how to make one,
or any links where I could buy one for a cheap price? ($ 20 – $ 50 would be good, or a little more than that.)

**ALSO, I’m not looking for any fancy, expensive, show off ones, just a basic one :3.


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4 Thoughts to “Q&A: How do I make/Where can I buy a relatively cheap Kimono?”

  1. laura_paura

    To buy a traditional kimono would cost you big bucks. Hopefully this site will help you. Maybe you could talk someone into making it for you! Try Google for more ideas.

  2. Bettina N

    Lol Its called Yukuta For Guys But anyways try buying it at
    Amazon or Ebay anywhere you can just search it I know a good place in Japan but I dont think you live there XD

  3. Shiori_hime

    $ 20-$ 50 probably won’t buy you a kimono, and it certainly won’t buy you the kimono and everything you need to wear it properly. You should look for a yukata instead, they’re usually within your price range. I don’t suggest looking on eBay unless you really know what you’re looking for — there’s a lot of junk mixed in with the good authentic stuff. Try places like Kimono Market Sakura, Ichiroya, Yamatoku, and Kimono Lily instead.

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