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I’m writing a compare & contrast essay on Fairfax, VA and Fairburn, GA. Any ideas?

Question by FBMagnolia: I’m writing a compare & contrast essay on Fairfax, VA and Fairburn, GA. Any ideas?
It’s for my Comp I class. I have only been to Fairfax once and I’ve never been to Fairburn.

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Answer by Bhuwisit
There are quite a few similarities.

Fairburn is a part of Fulton County, Georgia, a classically southern area (read: confederate racist country) where its white leaders and constituents on its northern edges has for years tried to secede itself from the rest of the county to form its own pigment-impaired little Kingdom to be known as Milton County.

Fairfax VA, like Fairburn, traditionally used to be filled with these caucasian confederates. But instead of the familiar habit of attempting to secede from the Union, so to speak, their racist brethren have instead fled to neighboring counties to escape a massive influx of “coloreds”, “them foreigners” and homosexuals that have poured into the country from either nearby DC or overseas.

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One Thought to “I’m writing a compare & contrast essay on Fairfax, VA and Fairburn, GA. Any ideas?”

  1. PTC Steve

    Wow, good luck, I’ve spent time in both places over the past year and I don’t see much in common except “Fair” in the name. But here’s some random info that may help.
    Fairburn is a relatively poor, small and quiet town south of Atlanta, though it is a charming place. Like a lot of small towns, there’s a railroad track through the center of town. Fairburn hosts the Georgia Renaissance Festival every year. Fairburn is at the southernmost end of Fulton county, which encompasses most of Atlanta. Fairburn is home to Donald Young, a promising US tennis player who won the Junior Wimbledon tournament. Fairfax and Fairburn were both in the confederacy, yet I don’t think it was Fairburn then, and also it probably didn’t see any action. Fairfax and Fairburn are both convenient to major airports, IAD and ATL. You can practically buy a mansion (if you could find one) in Fairburn for the price of a townhouse in Fairfax. Fairfax is booming, largely due to federal govt. contractors – there are plenty of jobs, and a lot of transient and foreign workers there – tons of restaurants, shopping centers, etc. Not in Fairburn. Both towns have small historic downtown areas. Fairfax’s has more restaurants and shops but I like Oz Pizza in Fairburn above them all. Fairfax is probably a much better place to be if you’re young and single – there’s plenty happening there. You can find stats on the web but I’d guess Fairburn is shrinking while Fairfax is obviously growing.

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