Musashi – 1060 Carbon Steel – Best Miyamoto Sword

Musashi – 1060 Carbon Steel – Best Miyamoto Sword

Product Description
Handmade, the blade is thick and comes extremely sharp. Like the more expensive models this blade can even be bent 45 degrees. To keep costs low the tsuba on this model is made with a machine process instead of using a handmade tsuba (as seen on the Elite series). The tsuba and other fittings look very good and are well suited for this model. This sword is well balanced and the tight handle wrap feels great. Comes complete with a black cotton storage bag. Materials and Way of Forge: Traditional hand forge Muku-kitae method. ?1060 High Carbon Steel. 55 HRC blade hardness. Hamon and hardness created with temper process. Real hamon, not wire brushed or printed. Real ray skin wrapped grip with black cotton cord wrap. Extremely sharp hand honed edge. Steel tsuba, fuchi, and kashira; Brass habaki. Can be disassembled for care or display. Dual bamboo mekugi (peg), hardwood handle. Hardwood scabbard with high quality piano paint finish. 39 3/4 in. overall, 27 1/2 in. blade, 10 3/4 in. handle. Includes black cotton sword storage/carry bag. Includes black cotton sword storage/carry bag and musashi certificate of authenticity. Check the musashi engraving on seppa (spacer) for authenticity. Don’t settle with a counterfeit one.

Price: $129.00

  • Musashi – 1060 Carbon Steel – Clay Tempered Samurai Sword
  • Blade Material: 1060 High Carbon
  • with clay temper process. 55 HRC blade hardness
  • Extremely sharp hand honed edge
  • Check the musashi engraving on seppa (spacer) for authenticity with musashi box. Don’t settle with a counterfeit one.

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