Nice Japanese Sword photos

Some cool japanese sword images:

Rose Glory – ShinGunto Japanese Sword.
japanese sword
Image by Vasnic64

Hilt inscription – can anyone help with a translation?
japanese sword
Image by dmcneil

Nomura Sword Papers
japanese sword
Image by jpellgen
Paperwork for the priceless swords on display inside the Nomura samurai house and museum in Kanazawa’s Nagamachi samurai district. The Japanese government carefully inspects swords of this nature to ensure their authenticity. The Nomura were high-ranking samurai until going broke during the Meiji era. The house features a beautiful garden and some excellent artifacts, including weapons and armor.

The Japanese government is quite strict when it comes to their swords. Most swords, particularly museum quality artifacts like this, have official paperwork. I have the paperwork for my grandfather’s sword which was given to him by a museum in appreciation for his work… However, my parents sold the sword. Anyway, these papers are important.

The Nagamachi samurai district in Kanazawa preseves much of the atmosphere of the days when bushi still ruled Japan. You can see eathen wall and an old architectural style. Some of these houses are open to tourists, the Nomura house being the best example.

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