are viking swords really large?

viking sword
by SeRg1o

Query by Jerry Middleton: are viking swords truly large?
im considering about obtaining 1, and was wandering in basic, are they difficult to wield, after a bit of apply i meen, i need to have to know from somebody whom owns a viking sword, i would like a 2nd impression^^

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Reply by Aaron R
not really I imply two-three lbs is not likely to be that bad I will say they do are likely to be a bit stage large but other than that they are great

it is not like that 13th warrior movie exactly where apparently Antonio banderas’s character could scarcely raise it

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  1. Mike Kennedy

    Heavy compared to some other swords, but you will learn to handle it.

    Thing is, it is not the most functional sword. I doubt you are planning to go head to head with full armor on. Maybe look at some other types.

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