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Cool Renaissance Wear images

Some cool renaissance wear images:

Knight circa 1290 to 1330 AD
renaissance wear
Image by One lucky guy
Posing outside the pavilion of some friends that happens to match my colors by no small coincidence.

Despite my forboding about the weather, the heavens smiled upon us this past Saturday. Perfect weather really, so I got a chance to go full-bore on the kit except for the great helm. I really enjoy reenactment events. Nobody cares if you draw your sword and wield it for patrons as I am doing in this photo.

This comment on reenactment events may seem rhetorical. My point is to contrast them with Renaissance Festivals where security guards affectionately known as "the white shirts" will descend upon you with walkie-talkies blaring should you dare to draw steel within the festival grounds. I have been chastized plenty in the past. Yes, I am a bad boy; always wanting to whip my sword out:)

That paternoster with the coral red beads on my belt is the latest addition to the kit; the medieval ancestor of modern rosary beads that would have been worn as display of religious devotion by all classes in the middle ages.

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Medieval Clothing