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is it legal to hunt a bear with medieval weapons and wherever can i get large good quality weapons?

Question by Ross: is it legal to hunt a bear with medieval weapons and wherever can i get large top quality weapons?
im hunting for a spot or web site that would offer halberds and spears and shit not just swords…i would want it to be of good adequate top quality for fighting bears not just a wall screen

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Response by Bob Ross
my buddy just shot a bear up in canada these days. i just imagined you really should know

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12 Thoughts to “is it legal to hunt a bear with medieval weapons and wherever can i get large good quality weapons?”

  1. Prime8

    Why would you want to torture a bear with medieval weapons?

    Bears don’t want to fight you, geekwad.

    Leave them alone and go stab your friends in the head with a Halberd.

  2. evo741hpr3

    Nope its not legal.. reason being because you would die. Seriously.. get real. Have you EVER been confronted with a charging bear.. no. Want to know how I know you have never stared down a charging bear.. because you wouldn’t suggest such a stupid thing if you had. I once watched a black bear go from laying down in a logging road.. to clearing the entire road in a single motion. That’s how quick it would be all over your ass.

    Stalking them with a bow is dangerous enough but at least you have some distance. Try to get in close and kill them with a sword and one of 3 things is going to happen. 1. The bear simply runs away before you can even get near it. 2. You are disfigured for life. 3. You die.

    The only kind of animals you can take with such weapons are feral hogs. And even that is only legal in a few states.. and you would need a pack of catch dogs to hold the hog for you while you stab it.

  3. MasterPython

    Guns and archery are legal but I doubt anything else is.

  4. Brock

    If you hunt a bear using something other than a gun, bow, or hunting dog, you will die.

  5. blatantsubtlety

    your frickin’ funny!

  6. Anarkee

    I think you should go toe to toe with a bear only brandishing a mace. God that would be epic. Send us all pictures if you make it!!!!!11

  7. Lance Boyle

    No, but flame throwers are perfectly acceptable.

  8. badass

    can i watch while you try to hit the bear?
    whats the odds you getting close enough to even try?

  9. david t

    Be a man! Just use a sharp stick, take a garbage can lid to use as a shield. Grow a sack already, fight like a cave man!

    Don’t be going around picking on the small helpless black bears. Go to Kodiak Island find you good healthy one to pick a fight with.

    Good luck.


    P.S. quit pulling on it, it’ll grow on it’s own.

  10. Arkel D

    That’s not hunting, that’s suicide.

  11. Shogun

    There’s no experts left in this sport. All they have found in the areas they disappeared in is bow strings and splintered axe handles embedded in bear feces.

  12. Libertarian and proud of it

    1. It is not legal. You need a big game rifle. There is a minimum caliber for hunting bears- I don’t go bear hunting, so I can’t tell you the caliber.

    2. That is cruel and unnecessary. You will only cause the animal pain.

    3. Try fighting a bear with a spear. Then watch the bear rip out your stomach.

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