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About Us

Medieval Clothes, Renaissance Clothing, Halloween Costume Ideas.

Welcome to the Medieval Clothes store. has been selling medieval clothes on the Internet since 2003 and we are proud to continue to provide the most respectable service in the business. We specialize in Renaissance Clothing, Wearable Armor, Medieval Clothes, Medieval Jewelry, Medieval Swords and Medieval Weapons, from Ancient Times. We also carry an extensive line of modern and Medieval footwear as well as custom and production Knives. We have the best customer service on the web, so feel free to shop us for all your Medieval and Renaissance needs.

Our line of medieval armor showcases some of the best replicas produced. Our premium armor is magnificently handcrafted and detailed, while maintaining historical accuracy. From classic breastplates, gauntlets, leg armor, and chainmail armor to armor replicas for your home decor. Please take a moment to browse through our products below. If you are looking for full suits of armor, head over to that page. We also have an extensive collection of swords and helmets.

Find Childrens and Adult Halloween costume ideas, Amusing Costume suggestions and different halloween costumes for your family. Obtain style team Costume suggestions like Roman Family members or Cutthroat buccaneers or Pirate Costumes or find the best variety of halloween costume ideas for young couples. Alluring Costumes and sexy costumes can be found. There are grownup Middle ages outfits and kid's Medieval outfits that'll be just ideal for your household. Medieval Outfits can be found like a Middle ages Dark Night Outfit, Lancelot Costume, Guenevere Costume, King Arthur Halloween costume. The Ancient Costume isn't just for Halloween night either! It could be put on in order for re-enactments, weddings, as well as Ren Fests. A very good history of early medieval clothing and dress can be found here.

Check out our Medieval Blog for more products and articles.

Customer Testimonials

I have been a customer of Swords of Honor for many years and each year when i order something each year I feel good knowing that I won't have any problems with my order and if, for some reason I do, they will take care of it for me. A very good company to buy from over the net.
Constantine R.